• Episode 7 – Smash

    Episode 7 – Smash

    We review the Mario Party 10 and The Order:1886. Then, our hosts play smash live in studio.

  • Sooji Learns Ceviche

    Sooji Learns Ceviche

    Alex Brenes from City of Angels Boxing and Connie Cossio from Coni Seafood enlighten Dani and guest host, Sooji, about the popular Mexican sport and healthy Mexican cuisine.

  • The Mourning After Spring Break

    The Mourning After Spring Break

    Dustin and Vendela dish about their crazy spring breaks, discuss the Patrick Schwarzenegger and Miley Cyrus Cabo drama and March Madness entering the Sweet 16.  Matt Wade joins them in the studio the studio to talk about his music.

  • Mind Games Clip Show

    Mind Games Clip Show

    Join hands, compatriots, we will show you clips. The Clip Show goes where no episode has gone before, celebrating years of fun and success on Mind Games.

  • It’s a Celebration!

    It’s a Celebration!

    Vanessa and Kevin celebrate Vanessa’s birthday, talk about Kathy Griffin leaving Fashion Police, Frozen 2 being announced and Will Ferrell playing on 10 different MLB teams in the same day. Haley Addis joins them in studio to talk about Beachbody On Demand.

  • Ep. 23 (3/5/2015): Marissa Ross with Sierra Medaglia

    Ep. 23 (3/5/2015): Marissa Ross with Sierra Medaglia

    Wine blogger and stylist Marissa Ross discusses her blog, wine-allthetime.com, with host Sierra Medaglia – then treats the team to a wine tasting.

  • Our 3rd Best Episode Yet?

    Our 3rd Best Episode Yet?

    The Breakdown discovers the meaning of life.



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  • CTPR 409

    CTPR 409