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13 Responses to “HTTP Stream”

  • Grossie

    Samm Levine is wayyy underrated as a comedian and an actor. Love him in everything he’s done!

  • John D. Thomas

    Sending a congratulations note to Ms. Katherine Hurley for her directing abilities on the Forum Program.
    Great Job!!! JDT

  • Margaret Hubbard

    Tonight’s show was very rewarding, exceptional job all panelist!

  • Michael Lewis

    This is the second episode now that I have seen featuring Melissa Kirk as your host. She is an excellent. She is very high energy and quite charming. I thought she was very prepared and asked great questions. She was really good with Nancy Nayor. Please use her more often

  • Margaret Hubbard

    The Platform Show was amazing, thank you for your up to date political reviews. Can’t wait for next week’s show.

  • jeffrey anlyan

    Is Holly Hubsher a freshman ? I never saw her before, except for the morning brew yesterday and today on plata form. She has a great personality and has great tv presence , hope to see her again

    • Margaret Hubbard

      Hello Jeffrey, I enjoyed your comments regarding Holly Hubsher. However, I believe Saharra Griffin is the only freshman on the show. Saharra has an extraordinary personality, and continues to be a welcomed contribution to the panel.

      The show is so rewarding, and I look forward to seeing all the team members on every show.

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