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Start your morning right with The Morning Brew!

The Morning Brew is USC’s daily morning show that airs LIVE at 10 am Monday through Friday. During the 30-minute live show, our two hosts cover the latest topics in news, the entertainment industry, sports, USC life, and anything else that appeals to our viewing audience.

We also have a segment correspondent that we toss to everyday during the show to see what’s happening in the USC area. The correspondent can be anywhere on campus: playing games with students, at a favorite restaurant spot around campus talking with the owner, or just giving the viewing audience tips on what to do for the weekend.

The show always concludes with a guest. Past guests on The Morning Brew include actors Kelley Jakle, Daniel Franzese, Eli Vargas and Paula Jai Parker; Olympic medalist Amy Purdy; contestants from The Voice Will Champlin and Christina Grimmie; E! News host Jason Kennedy; musicians Wax and Chris Thompson; YouTube star iJustine; and dancer and choreographer Derek Hough.

Be sure to take a sip of that coffee and enjoy The Morning Brew Monday through Friday at 10 am.


The Finale... For Now

TMB 601-143-052

Madame Tussaud Trickery

TMB 601-143-051

Hump Day Ending

TMB 601-143-050

Holiday Spice & Everything Nice

TMB 601-143-049

The Beginning of the End

TMB 601-143-048




  1. jeffrey anlyan says:

    You should put the dates on the morning brew past episodes, not just the episode number

  2. ken says:

    Im excited to see Christina Grimmie tomorrow.

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